9 Powerful Portraits Of Migrants Who Terribly Suffered When Entering The US

This gives us a rare look into the sad realities to which “migrants who cannot fulfill the American Dream are subjected”. The undocumented people, thousands if not millions of them, find themselves lost in Mexican territory...


Photographer Documents Her Brother’s Recovery From Heroin Addiction

The photos offer an honest account of her brother's struggle, capturing fluctuations of strength, pain, vulnerability, and hope.


A Rare Glimpse Of What Families Around The World Eat

Photographer Peter Manzel takes traditional food photography to a global scale. In his book Hungry Planet, he took snapshots of what families around the world eat.


70 Years After He Died in WWII, This Soldier’s 31 Rolls of Film Were Finally Discovered and Processed

New discoveries are made everyday. In late 2014 at an auction in Ohio, photographer Levi Bettweiser, the man behind the Rescued Film Project, stumbled upon a rare collection of 31 undeveloped film rolls.

will ellies - rotting ny buildings -FI

Photographer Captures Eerie Photos Of Abandoned Places in New York

It’s not uncommon to see photos and videos of abandoned places making the rounds on the internet nowadays. Urban exploration, after all, is fascinating hobby to many people. All things eventually succumb to time. What...


If You Look At Tears Under A Microscope, These Are What You’re Going To See

Photographer Rose-Lynn Fisher once wondered if her tears of joy would look different compared to her tears of grief, or tears from chopping onions. There’s one way to find out. Put different types of tears under a microscope

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